Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Quick, Ephemeral One

Your blogger keeps fighting Father Time, begging him for some crumbs from the clock -but Time waits for no one and plods on, relentlessly. And our plucky Time Travelers are stuck somewhere in Old Havana, desperately seeking one of those street-savvy Habanero geniuses, who, then and now, seemed to be able to fix everything with nothing, forever. Perhaps a Time-Traveling DeLorean is too much for them. Have faith, they shall return and continue their unique travels.

Meantime, a movie has appeared on the scene, whose theme fits in nicely with the theme of this web log. Therefore, it is being plugged here. The director, should you care to know - or not - happened to be my older sister's school mate in Miami a few years ago. Not to worry, sis; will not provide any clues which might indicate how far Father Time has traveled since those days...time, place, lips are sealed.

You can find opening dates and venues at
  • The Real Cuba - The Lost City

  • No critique is being offered here; as of this posting, have not had the pleasure of viewing this production, although that will happen, God willing, in due course. But, don't procrastinate. Go and see. Take someone special with you - or more than a someone. Get a group together; make it an event, an excuse to get out of the house, enjoy Time together with meaningful people. Before Father Time races ahead of you and you find yourself left behind, lost - in the Lost City.


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