Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Important Announcement

These good people are doing what some would say is "God's work," and will post their comment/request here - it speaks for itself; their web site is excellent, and is being linked to this blog. Yes, we certainly identify with their down-to-earth, practical objectives and we hope you readers will too, and help them - even if, assuming you blog, all you do is link Cuba Virtual to your blog or web site.

While we're at it, also linking another site pointed out by blog sister Stefania - who authors "Free Thoughts;" this is the page for "Madres y Mujeres Anti-Represion por Cuba" - "Mothers and Women Against Repression for Cuba." Their site deserves a visit - many, in fact, and any support possible from all of us. Their link has also been added to Havana5060 - M A R Por Cuba.

May God bless the liberating efforts of these good, hardworking people. For the sake of Cuba's freedom.

"Hello Albert,

We are frequent visitors to havana5060.

We would very much appreciate your support in spreading the word about the conference Cuba Virtual will hold on November 4, 2006 under the motto 'Acercamiento y
Concertacion' (Coming Together and Joining Forces).

Considering your stated position on havana5060, we are confident you can identify with our down-to-earth, practical objectives - and might want to get involved with - or at the very least - support this grass-roots movement.

It is open to anyone interested in giving the Cuban and Cuban-American Diaspora a distinct and unified voice, that will also include a large number of younger-generation, educated Cubans living in third countries and outside of the traditional exile groups' radar screen.

We are asking for your support promoting the upcoming event via
com, and spreading the word to others who you think might want to participate:

(see also the post "Reunion Extraordinaria" on

As stated above you are more than welcome to join us - in fact we are hoping you would want to get involved and help us keep the momentum going.
Thank you."

Elio Roque
Cosette Carballosa
Carlos Llanos


At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Elio Roque said...

Thank you very much!
I couldn't agree more - it is indeed God's work and we trust in Him to see us through.
Thank you, Elio

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Albert Quiroga said...

You are quite welcome, Mr. Roque - and thank YOU, Ms. Carballosa, and Mr. Llanos for your labor of love in this worthy cause - hope we - by "we" meaning all of us who support the cause of Cuba - no matter where we are or what medium we use, will provide meaningful support in the future, until Cuba is truly free.

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Elio Roque said...

We are taking you up on your word and will be back regularly with updates on our progress, hoping you will be so kind as to publish them.
Muchas gracias.
Elio Roque

At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Elio Roque said...

Hello Albert,

Just a brief note to thank for displaying our info so prominently. Our web statatistics software shows that quite a few visitors to come from

Thank you. Un abrazo. Elio

At 12:11 PM, Blogger CUBA VIRTUAL said...

Hello Albert,

Here I am back with an update that I would very much appreciate if you could make known to all your visitors. Thank you. Elio

Press Release
November 6, 2006 -- CUBA VIRTUAL – Asociación Representativa de Comunidades Cubanas
( wish to thank its affiliates and guests from Europe, North and South America who participated the Extraordinary Meeting held over the Internet on Saturday, November 4, 2006.

We are happy to inform that out of the Meeting, held under the motto Acercamiento y Concertación(Coming Together and Joining Forces), came a number of concrete actions items to be carried out during the remainder of 2006. Cuba Virtual’s growth and consolidation are a testament to fact that free Cubans can come together and work together democratically. The door is wide open to anyone interested in helping shape and strengthen the representation of Cuban Communities throughout the world.

Board of Directors, Cuba Virtual.

Nota de Prensa
6 de noviembre, 2006 -- CUBA VIRTUAL – Asociación Representativa de Comunidades Cubanas ( ) agradece la participación entusiasta de sus miembros así como de invitados en países de América y Europa a la Reunión Extraordinaria celebrada a traves de la Internet el sábado 4 de noviembre del 2006.

Se informa que en base al programa de Acercamiento y Concertación entre los participantes, se acordó un plan de actividades concretas para lo que resta del año 2006. El crecimiento y consolidación de Cuba Virtual demuestran que los cubanos libres sí pueden unirse y trabajar de manera coordinada y democrática. Extendemos una cordial invitación a todos aquellos que sientan el deseo de fortalecer la representación de las Comunidades Cubanas por el mundo, a que se unan a este esfuerzo.

Junta Directiva, Cuba Virtual.


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