Sunday, May 14, 2006

Feliz Dia de las Madres!

That translates to Happy Mother's Day!

And here's the Happy Mother with her rambuncious "little bundle," at LaCret 378, 1950.

The "little bundles" then proceed to grow up, and become obnoxious teenagers. Believe me, I know. But said obnoxiousness sometimes creates an opportunity for a wise parent to provide a "teaching moment" to his or her offspring. Such as the time when your blogger - in his teen years - aggravated his mother, whereupon his father proceeded to lecture him on the meaning of motherhood, stating firmly "la madre de uno es lo mas grande que hay." "One's mother is the greatest thing there is." Wise words, not forgotten.

And God, with his infinite sense of humor, eventually decreed payback time for that once obnoxious teenager, as he now is the father of a teenager who, on ocassion, is also known to be obnoxious. Lesson learned: Love your mother, be good to her. God is watching. God's Mother is watching.

Speaking of God's Mother made me think of the little medallion kept at my bedside in my room at Focsa, which made the journey with us into exile in November 1960.

Don't know what possessed me - or, more likely, mother - to place it in the suitcase.

Since the Virgin or Lady of Fatima first appeared to the three youngsters in the month of May, the month marking the arrival of yours truly on the planet, She had always been considered this once obnoxious teenager's, now annoying adult's, unofficial protector. And protection he has needed, as no doubt Her Son has felt like giving this blockheaded Taurus a good whacking more than once, much as He did to a certain Saul or Paul on the road to Damascus...suffice it to say, whether you choose to believe in these things or not, your blockheaded writer is convinced he would not be here writing this unless the Mother of all our mothers, stated in American football terms, had done some serious blocking on his behalf. And our earthly mother, together with our father, definitely ran some serious interference on our behalf, when they made sure they took my sisters and I far away from the clutches of a certain, notorious bearded, sociopathic child abuser on the 10th of November, 1960. Thank you, mother! We can never repay you, even if we made every day Mother's Day for you.

Therefore reader, it would be a good idea to honor your mother and your Mother on Mother's Day. Even if May is not your birth month. But, that is entirely up to you.

And there are other mothers we should think about this Mother's Day, and every day...

They are "Las Damas de Blanco." "The Ladies in White;" it would take much time and space to tell you the story of their quiet, determined courage in opposing the son of Hades in Havana. Therefore, simply suggest you satisfy your curiosity by searching for them in the world of the 'Net, something which they are barred from doing, for the "crime" of struggling to bring freedom, human rights, and civilized decency, not only to their children, but to all mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters in Cuba. Honor, respect, yes, love them too. They need our support, our prayers, our action, on Mother's Day, every day.

And another one, who has suffered much, and must not be forgotten on Mother's Day...

Introducing, if you do not know her, or of her, Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello, who directs the Assembly for the Promotion of Civil Society in Cuba. On April 25, 2006 she was beaten by a mob, incited by the maximum abuser of Cuba, for "crimes" of essentially the same nature as those "committed" by the Ladies in White. The least we can do for her and others like her is to make them known and their cause publicized. So, we are doing just that. The image comes from - you may wish to go there and learn something about this heroic woman, abused by a dying coward who cared little for his own mother. But then, he is a bastard, literally and in every other sense of the word.

These extraordinarily courageous Cuban women do have one thing they can ALL be extremely proud of: None is responsible for bringing that abomination into the world. And, who knows, it may be some yet unknown Cuban mother who takes him OUT of the world...

We cannot sincerely wish these ladies, these mothers, a happy Mother's Day, because of the circumstances in which they find themselves. But certainly they deserve a Blessed Mother's Day. Let us pray the Mother of all mothers moves her Son to bless, protect and, through His Love, finally free them - and all Cuba - from a bad spawn who has kept that beautiful island and its people from experiencing Happy Mothers' Days far too long.


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Hay que ponerlo frente a un espejo

Alberto Portacio apicella

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