Saturday, February 17, 2007

Primavera Negra - "Black Spring"

As I sit here typing away in an early Florida morning, a beautiful "winter" day distracts me from the task. The sky is cloudless and blue; it is cold, but a pleasant cold if there is such a thing. Feelings of guilt at my fortune intrude, because there are many in Cuba for whom cold, dark, uncomfortable days are a...daily affair. This is in no way meant to be flippant. I am referring to the island's political prisoners, conveniently forgotten and relegated to the irrelevant category by those to whom acknowledgement of their existence represents an embarrassing reminder of the true nature of the so-called "revolution" and its hollow "men" of clay "leadership."

Although some of the "men of clay" are now crumbling, the plight of the prisoners remains unchanged, which is in itself a comment on what may be expected of the future nomenklatura, bleatings to appease easily-appeased "liberals" notwithstanding.

To assuage some of the guilt at the good fortune and privilege of living in a land where there is no need to fear a dreaded knock in the night and a one-way trip to a tropical gulag for some perceived lese majeste against the power structure, Havana5060 gratefully accepted an invitation to join the Primavera Negra or Black Spring campaign, being ably promoted by Asha Nair, author of the "Castrianism - The Religion of Hate" blog to which Havana5060 is linked.

Havana5060's contribution to this effort will not be much, due to time and skill constraints for which the author is solely responsible. But, if nothing else, hope to promote awareness for the victims, and their ongoing suffering, of the dying clay-idol and its accomplices. The fortitude and courage of those men and women who endure the unendurable on a day to day schedule just makes the blogger shake his head in wonder, amazement, and outright awe. Could I endure? I do not know. But, at the very least, these heroes and heroines deserve to be known. And whatever little can be done from this end to accomplish that, will be done.

Readers: All that is asked is for you to be aware, to seek, inform yourselves, and pass along any lessons you learn from the sad experiences of Cuba's political prisoners. And what was the Primavera Negra or Black Spring in Cuba? Well, at the risk of putting you off a little bit, suggest you do some eye-opening research on the subject. To increase awareness of, and promote education about this important subject is the goal of the Primavera Negra campaign.
Other bloggers who might wish to join the "band of bloggers" already linked or linking to this effort may do so at this location -

  • Primavera Negra Invitation

  • Hope the link works, since there seemed to be some trouble with the server when testing the connection, but in case it does not take you to the website, you may want to copy and paste the URL - - in your "open file" dialog box and get to it through that path.

    When the time comes, Havana5060 will have a post, a tragic one, about another Cuban prisoner in the early days of the "revolution." Someone who also must not be forgotten.


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